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From TV to the stage with Owen Wingrave
Britten: Owen Wingrave, Op. 85 A TV opera? Yep, it happened… Back in 1971 to be precise, when Benjamin Britten wrote Owen Wingrave for the BBC. The opera was taken from TV-land and given a live revival this summer, to
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An Alpine Symphony
Richard Strauss
Richard Strauss’ Alpine Symphony is seen as one of the peaks of his orchestral writing (oh dear, I’m on the puns already…). Lasting almost an hour, written for a huge orchestra, it follows the dramatic story of a journey up
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Maestro Skrowaczewski:
Seeking the Infinite and Sto Lat! (Happy Birthday)
Stanislaw Skrowaczewski, or “Stan the Man” as we in Minnesota affectionately call him, has the distinction of being the oldest major conductor working today. He is also a Pulitzer Prize nominee for his highly regarded compositions. Recently the music communities
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György Sebők – Pianist, Artist, Alchemist
Have you ever had a teacher who was a great musician, mystic, mentor, statesman and alchemist all at once? Pianist, György Sebők was such a man. When I first met him at Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana in the late
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Claudio Abbado
An Example to Us All.
It’s difficult for me to add much to the many tributes to Claudio Abbado that have appeared since his death. As well as obituaries detailing his life and achievements, there have been statements from those who worked with him, who
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Zoltán Kodály : Taking Children Seriously
When I walk into my music studio I see Zoltán Kodály’s Sonata for Cello and Piano. It is prominently displayed and beautifully framed with Kodály’s signature splashed across the title page. Kodály was an important figure in our house. He
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Rags to Riches – Folk in the Chopin Mazurkas
Without doubt, one of the greatest and most important composers for piano was Frederic Chopin. His groundbreaking harmonies, forms and textures make him one of the most prominent names associated with piano music. With the exception of a couple of
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‘It’s Too Damn Loud! It’s Too Damn Fast!!’:
Morton Feldman
These words would commonly be heard issuing from the mouth of the composer at a rehearsal for one of his pieces. And if you’ve ever heard the music of Morton Feldman, you’d probably understand why. Feldman’s music is more often
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