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Instruments of the Orchestra III: The Cello
The orchestra string section rests on two supports: the double-basses and their smaller cousins, the cellos. I say cousins because the cello and the double bass actually have different antecedents. The cello is part of the violin family and the
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Instruments of the Orchestra II: The Viola
Ah, the poor viola, butt of a thousand jokes (What’s the difference between a violin and a viola? The viola burns longer), but, in the end, provides the warm sound that counteracts the often brittle violin sound. In a string
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Instruments of the Orchestra: I. The Violin
When you attend a symphony orchestra concert, the first instrument you see, on the left of the stage, are the violins. These are small string instruments that are played with a bow. The instrument is held in the left hand
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Mozart in The Jungle
Spoiler alert!
Beware—Mozart in The Jungle recently released on Amazon has sexual situations, graphic violence, adult content, and adult language. A racy shoot-em-up movie? No. It’s a ten part series about classical musicians in New York City and ostensibly what they have
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Old Tears in New Vials
In 1997, the Kronos Quartet took a step back in time with their Early Music (Lachrymae Antiquae) [Ancient Tears] album, mixing quartet performances of medieval and Renaissance music with that of 20th century composers.
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Flutes From Little to Large
When we think of flutes, we think of the common concert flute – silver, about 67 cm (26 inches) long, pitched in the key of C. That’s just the start of the flute family, albeit the most familiar. If we
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Alma Mahler – Giving Music Life
I’m still a little bit scared of Alma Mahler. I can feel her gigantic personality looming over me, transcending the years, inevitably offering some acid-tongued rebuke at my futile attempts to capture this complex and volatile person in writing.
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Sizzling Siblings – Musical Dynasties Part II
Talent certainly runs in the family. Celebrity brothers and sisters are everywhere. Take for example Casey and Ben Affleck, actors, Venus and Serena Williams, tennis players, or Alec and Evelyn Waugh, authors of Island in The Sun and Brideshead Revisited
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