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Arvo Pärt – The Bach of Our Century
It is said that Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is the Bach of our century. An unassuming man with furrowed brow, a big bushy salt and pepper beard, and serious contemplative demeanor, this contemporary composer, does not tend to make people
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Ning Feng : A Musician’s Musician
On this auspicious day, the 3rd day of the 3rd month of year 2013, my husband and I made a trip into the city ( Vancouver ) from our snowy mountain home ( Whistler ) specifically to attend a concert
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Claude Debussy: The Moon, The Sea; Dreams and Desires
The music of Claude Debussy is evocative. One cannot help but be transported by his subtle shadings of tone color, delicate instrumentations and shimmering melodies. A master at the piano and of orchestration, his name is linked with Impressionism although
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Cello Concerto Overview – Two Three and Four cellos!
Virtually every time I mention that I play the cello, the response is an enthusiastic “Oh I love the cello!” Despite the fact that the soulful instrument is very popular today, the solo concerto repertory is not abundant like the
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9 Justice Drive
Admiralty, Hong Kong
A mere 15 years ago, Hong Kong proudly escaped the shackles of British colonial rule and happily pledged its allegiance to an even more aggressive ruler in the north. There were no cries for independence or democracy, no calls for
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Janos Starker : Igniting a Spark
When we think about the wonders of the world, we think in terms of natural marvels or edifices. Typically, we don’t think in these terms when we describe creative artists but Janos Starker, qualifies. Virtuoso cellist, master pedagogue, articulate advocate
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Bach for the New Year
Happy New Year to all! What better way to begin the New Year than listening to Bach in a concert you did not expect to be in? On the evening of the 31 December, having wondered from café to café
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Bach, the composer as intellectual
Bach, the composer as intellectual by Marco Moraes   But all at once it dawned on me that this Was the real point, the contrapuntal theme; Just this: not text, but texture; not the dream But topsy-turvical coincidence, Not flimsy
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