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Rags to Riches – Folk in the Chopin Mazurkas
Without doubt, one of the greatest and most important composers for piano was Frederic Chopin. His groundbreaking harmonies, forms and textures make him one of the most prominent names associated with piano music. With the exception of a couple of
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‘It’s Too Damn Loud! It’s Too Damn Fast!!’:
Morton Feldman
These words would commonly be heard issuing from the mouth of the composer at a rehearsal for one of his pieces. And if you’ve ever heard the music of Morton Feldman, you’d probably understand why. Feldman’s music is more often
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The Italian Diva – Cecilia Bartoli
The first time I heard Cecilia Bartoli live was at the opening concert of the Hong Kong Arts Festival in 2011. Appearing on stage like a queen, she dazzled the audience not only with her exquisite singing of arias from
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Britten and Tippett – Two Kinds of Englishman
One of the most enjoyable musical experiences of my life has been performing Sir Michael Tippett’s extraordinary oratorio A Child of our Time with the chorus and orchestra of Clare College, Cambridge. Famous especially because of the series of five
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In Search of Magic
At the Van Cliburn Piano Competition Four years ago, when the Van Cliburn Piano Competition was first presented on webcast, I found myself glued to my laptop for weeks, following what I considered one of the most exciting events in
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David Popper
Composer and cellist David Popper is well known among cellists. His High School of Cello Playing is our Bible—40 Études comprising every acrobatic feat of cello pyrotechnics. Popper was born among the narrow streets of the Jewish ghetto of Prague,
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Arvo Pärt – The Bach of our century
It is said that Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is the Bach of our century. An unassuming man with furrowed brow, a big bushy salt and pepper beard, and serious contemplative demeanor, this contemporary composer, does not tend to make people
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Ning Feng : A Musician’s Musician
On this auspicious day, the 3rd day of the 3rd month of year 2013, my husband and I made a trip into the city ( Vancouver ) from our snowy mountain home ( Whistler ) specifically to attend a concert
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