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Physicists Investigate the Grand Artistic Vision of Richard Wagner
When physicist John Smith spent the night in his garden with the score to Götterdämmerung, the final opera in Richard Wagner’s four-part, 15-hour epic, Der Ring des Nibelungen, he wasn’t interested in its account of the apocalyptic struggle of Norse
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Chinese Opera Takes On Classics, ‘Red’ Or Not
In recent years, classical music in China has been experiencing a crescendo. China’s conservatories are turning out child prodigy musicians. Cities are sprouting concert halls, and factories are cranking out violins and pianos. And Chinese cultural officials seem determined that
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The Dark Side of Piano Competitions
The Hungarian pianist and composer Bela Bartok famously said competitions should be for horses, not musicians. He refused to sit on competition juries because he didn’t want the decisions on his conscience.  
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