Buy a Steinway, Play like Rubinstein

As the western classical music world looks to China as its biggest market in the not-to-distant future, owning a Steinway there, we hear from Die Welt, is almost as prestigious as owning a Ferrari. The only reason it’s not, we read, is that you have to know how to play the instrument, and play it well, in order to impress your friends.

All you have to do with a Ferrari is park it in front of your house.
Recognizing that having expertise at the keyboard is perceived as difficult and time consuming, Steinway & Sons in Europe and Asia has a new marketing claim: After six months, anybody can play, and without hours and hours of practice. The secret is using the “Steinway” method.
"We want music teachers to start using a different teaching method," Werner Husmann, managing director of Steinway & Sons in Europe and Asia, tells Die Welt, which defines the campaign as an “education offensive.’’
"We will in no way be compromising quality,” says Husmann, “but we also have to create the framework so that we have enough customers over the next decades."
Unfortunately Die Welt does not describe this revolutionary method. Perhaps Steinway will explain it to us in the near future. / January 6, 2013

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