BBC Ten Pieces and music education in the UK

alpesh-chauhan‘The point here is not to force children to play an instrument, or to insist they listen to a certain quota of classical music for the rest of their lives, but to avoid limiting minds’

When the BBC Philharmonic’s General Manager Simon Webb invited me to conduct for the second Ten Pieces film, I jumped at the chance. The first year of Ten Pieces, aimed at primary school children, was an unequivocal success, exposing these children to 10 pieces of ‘classical’ music from across many genres and centuries. The BBC enabled free audio recordings, DVDs and a plethora of teaching materials, all easily available from its website. This second project has done the same for secondary school students. It answers a very real need in this country to expose our younger citizens to music of all genres, in an exciting and inspiring way. Full story.

Alpesh Chauhan (Gramophone) / February 8, 2016

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