7 Amazing Things Science Has Discovered About Music This Year So Far

7 amazing things science has discovered about music imageHumans have been making music since the beginning of time, enjoying its ability to facilitate interpersonal connection and relieve stress. More recently, science has helped us start to understand it — everything from how its waves move through time and space to how it heals and empowers us.

The more we discover, the more we recognize music’s importance. Yet, the more we learn, the more questions we have. The past few years have produced some groundbreaking findings in our music knowledge. Here are seven of the most impressive:

1. Learning music has a positive effect on teenagers’ brains.

When budgets are tight in America’s schools, among the first areas cut are often music class offerings. But that is to the detriment of our children’s futures, as a June study out of Northwestern University underlines.

Previous research has uncovered numerous benefits of music education for young children, including how it improves spatio-temporal reasoning, verbal skills and impulse control. The June study proves that musical training can have similarly powerful neurological impacts right up through adolescence. Full story.

Tom Barnes (Music.Mic) / August 14, 2015

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