6 Surprising Facts about Happiness and Music

records!Happiness and music are more connected that you think! In fact, “happy music” is a widely accepted term in the scientific field. Researchers define happy music as a piece written in major key and with a fast tempo. Happy songs were proven to affect both our emotions and physical condition. For instance, happy music usually makes people breathe faster. Sad music, on the other hand, is written in minor keys in most of the cases and it tends to be in slow tempo. But the connection between happiness and music is much deeper and more complex than that. That is why, it is worth exploring it though some fun facts.

Instant Mood Booster

If you are looking for a fast and sure way to improve your mood, just press “Play.” According to a 2013 study, music has the power to instantly boost people’s happiness. However, happy music has a notably more visible effect. Full story.

Dubai Chronicle / February 13, 2015

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