6 Reasons to Take Music as Your Minor

6 Reasons to Take Music as Your MinorGetting a minor comes with so many benefits. For starters, you have to take up fewer classes because the credit requirements are lower than those for a major. What’s more, it’ll double your potential career options or, at least, allow you to explore a long-time interest in an academic setting.

Yes, a minor is time-consuming. But you can always find a way to free up some time for a class you’re passionate about. Just try googling “do my homework for me” – you’d be surprised how many services can help you out with that! (You can cut down on partying, too, by the way, and it’s going to be worth it.)

So, instead, ask yourself, “What should I minor in?”. And if you’re at a loss because of the abundance of options, here are six reasons that may sway your opinion in favor of music. Full story.

California News Times / June 21, 2021

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