December, 2019

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Sean Shepherd
Creating an Abstract Sound
The very idea of making music inspired by the art form known as Abstract Expressionism seems an anathema. How do you pin down the undefinable? The music style that might match the art form of expressionism has come and gone
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“You Haven’t Really Heard It Until You’ve Heard It Live!”
This catchy little phrase is part of the current classical music marketing for London’s Southbank Centre (which includes the Royal Festival Hall). It’s a great statement because it’s true: nothing beats the experience of live music. A recording is a
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What to Do When Screw-Ups Happen
After many decades of performing, one would think everything that could possibly go wrong has… Wrong! Or am I a magnet for snafus? Last month, my pianist and I drove the two hours to a University in a nearby town.
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Nature at Night – Marx’s Symphonische Nachtmusik
The Austrian composer Joseph Marx (1882-1964) led Austrian musical culture and after his death, seemed to vanish completely from the musical scene. Born in Graz, he studied philosophy, art history, German studies, and music at the University of Graz. In
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The Slow Movement
Long before the recent cultural revolution that wants us to slow down the pace of our lives known as the Slow Movement, we had the slow movement in music. Composers have always known that to balance their music, there needed
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From reducing stress to improving memory: Music therapy provides the perfect pitch for wellness
With music therapy, consistency, patience and practice are key.
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Die ägyptische Helena
Richard Strauss (1864 –1949) was the major German opera composer of the late 19th to the mid-20th century. His life and music were controversial during his lifetime and remained so after his death. One can argue about his music, his
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Napoleon Bonaparte and Giuseppina Grassini
“Love Is the Idler’s Occupation, the Warrior’s Relaxation, and the Sovereign’s Ruination” At the height of his powers, Napoleon Bonaparte had established an empire that dominated much of continental Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. He was, and
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