September, 2019

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A Guide to Music Appreciation
This article has been written in reaction to hearing “I don’t like this [enter instrument, genre, artist etc.]” too often. As a composer, diversity in music is equal to the painter’s, who constantly seeks for new colours, or the chef’s
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Musicians and Artists: Poulenc, Éluard and Their Friends
Francis Poulenc knew all the best poets, setting the works of Apollinaire and Éluard again and again. He set the poets to opera (Les Mamelles de Tiresias), for a cappella choir, for voice and piano, in a secular cantata (Figure
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Finding Meaning in Music
Meaning in music is elusive — in fact, there are those who have said that music has no meaningAlan Gilbert, conductor Must we always find “meaning” in music? Why can’t our listening experience simply be one of absorbing the sounds
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Guy Mintus
Electrifying Israeli Jazz Pianist, Composer, and Vocalist
Last year, I was invited to perform during a special week of commemoration and celebration upon the 100th birthday of Leonard Bernstein, and the 70th anniversary of his appearance at the Displaced Persons camp in Landsberg, Germany. It’s a picturesque,
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The Whistler’s Waltz – Ziehrer’s Weaner Mad’ln
When we think of Austria and the Waltz, we think of the Strauss family (Johann, Johann II, Josef, and Eduard) but they didn’t hold the monopoly on waltz music in Vienna. Karl Michael Ziehrer (1843-1922) was one of their primary
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How Good is the Harpsichord?
Asking whether the harpsichord is the greatest instrument ever, is like asking can fish swim? Now that I’ve answered my own question, here are 10 reasons why the harpsichord is the greatest instrument ever. 1. Strings are made to be
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Music education helps improve children’s ability to learn
What if a large number of scientific studies found there was one activity that could improve our cognitive function, help our memory systems work effectively, help us learn language, help us moderate our emotional states, help us solve complex problems
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Mysterious Mountains and Visionary Landscapes
The Music of Alan Hovhaness
“I’ve always listened to my own voice. I was discontented with the kind of music that everyone said I should write – all clever and dissonant, intellectualised. I wanted to write music that was deeply felt, music that would move
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