February, 2019

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Mozart’s Musical Journey
28 February 1778: “Non so d’onde viene,” K. 294
“I have also, for practice,” Wolfgang Amadeus writes to his father from Mannheim, “arranged the air ‘Non so d’onde viene’ which has been so charmingly composed by Bach. Just because I know that of Bach so well, and it pleases
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Meyerbeer: Les Huguenots
Premiered Today in 1836
What do you call the massacre of thousands of Huguenot Protestants by Catholic forces on St. Bartholomew’s Day, 1572? In artistic terms, you’d have to call it the most successful opera of the 19th century. When Meyerbeer’s Les Huguenots premiered
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Loewe – Brahms – Mahler
LoeweDer Erlkönig, Op. 13 Kleiner Haushalt, Op. 71 Die Wandelnde Glocke, Op. 20, No. 3 BrahmsFour Serious Songs, Op. 121 MahlerKindertotenlieder Performed by Hermann Schey, bass baritone Felix de Nobel, piano Willem van Otterloo, conductor Orchestre Philharmonique de la Haye
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Remembering Denis Matthews
“There isn’t a day when I sit down to play the piano that I don’t think of him, in my mind hearing what he said when I played certain pieces” – Sarah Beth Briggs, British concert pianist
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A Love Letter in Music
Schumann’s Fantasie in C, Op. 17
“perhaps the most impassioned music I have ever written.”Robert Schumann writing to Clara Wieck, March 1838 Never one for disguising his emotions, Robert Schumann wore his heart on his sleeve and his music reflects his joy at being alive –
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Four radical and radically original pieces of music that blew up the modernist status quo in 1968
On a cold Berkeley morning early in December 1968, I cut class and joined a queue on Telegraph Avenue, waiting for Discount Records to open. The line wasn’t as long as the one I’d joined for the Beatles’ White Album
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Music in Baroque Spain
An Interview With Rupert Damerell of Quondam
Spanish composers didn’t have what other European countries had: a central court. They did have the Holy Roman Emperor, in the form of Charles V and later, his son, Philip II, but those rulers preferred to hire musicians from the
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The Beauty of the Instrument
An Interview With Riyehee Hong
Making her first appearance at the Hong Kong Arts Festival in March, organist Riyehee Hong is looking forward to bringing a wealth of Spanish and European organ music to a new audience. The appearance of an organist in a general
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