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Signor Alberti’s Moving Bass Line
Not invented by, but rather named for Domenico Alberti, who used this device extensively in his own keyboard sonatas, the Alberti Bass is a moving figure in the bass or left hand of keyboard music, derived from a three-note chord.
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ChopinImpromptu No. 2 in F Major, Op. 36 Nocturne in F sharp Major, Op. 15, No. 2 Fantasy in F Minor, Op. 49 Ballad No. 1 in G Minor, Op. 23 Andante spianato et Grande polonaise brillante, Op. 22 Performed
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The Inspiration of Imagination – Dracula
There, in the shadows, a figure moves. Clothed in black, with a face seemingly drained of all life and colour, with long fingernails the better to catch you, it’s Count Dracula.
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What’s the Deal with Do Re Mi? The Story of Solfège
One of the more enduring moments from The Sound of Music comes when a free-spirited Maria von Trapp (Julie Andrews) takes a handful of giddy Austrian children out for a singing rampage through Salzburg, Austria.
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The Organist and the Poetess
Joseph Gabriel Rheinberger and Franziska von Hoffnaaß
He was the “Wunderkind” from Lichtenstein, and she a poetess of distinction. They got married in 1867, and although the union remained childless, their marriage was a happy one. One might actually consider it the perfect relationship; she supplied the
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Mahler: Kindertotenlieder
Premiered Today in 1905
Alma Mahler severely took her husband Gustav to task for composing a series of orchestral songs on texts dealing with the death of children. Merely two weeks after the birth of their second child, Alma found it incomprehensible and feared
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BrahmsQuintet for Clarinet and Strings in B Minor, Op. 115 Sonata for Viola and Piano in F Minor, Op. 120 No. 1 Sonata for Viola and Piano in E Flat, Op. 120 No. 2 Performed by Reginald Kell, clarinet Fine
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At the Center of the Musical Universe
Franz Schubert III
In all, the remarkable collection of Schubert’s Lieder transcriptions by Franz Liszt totaled 58 songs. Liszt first handed twelve of these piano transcriptions to a Viennese publisher in 1838 and his concluding efforts emerged 10 years later in 1848.
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