December, 2017

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A Musical New Year in Vienna
The New Year’s concert by the Vienna Philharmonic is commonly regarded as the most important classical concert worldwide. Seen by an estimated audience of 1 billion viewers around the world, the concert always features works by the Viennese Strauss family,
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The success in failure
A new museum in Helsingborg, Sweden, celebrates failure. Yes, you read that correctly – it celebrates failure. The museum displays corporate products which flopped but which paved the way for greater innovation and extraordinary commercial success (for example, Apple’s Newton
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Remedy, Unity, Salvation
Rudolph Tang’s Top Ten
As the year approaches its end, it’s customary for the press to list their most impressive musical moments of the year. An old cliché as it may seem, a round up nevertheless offers an insightful glimpse into the chaotic and
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A Single-Malt and Vodka Toast to 2018!
It’s truly a shame that I’ve never heard the live lecture by Daniel Barenboim on how whiskey and classical music resemble one another. In this 2006 talk entitled “Whisky is liquid music,” the pianist and conductor argues that “both experiences
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Mozart: A Tribute to Janet
Françaix: Quartet for English horn, violin, viola and cello II Andante Tranquillo From Mozart: A Tribute to Janet (2017) Released by Harmonia Mundi Françaix: Quartet for English horn, violin, viola and cello – II Andante TranquilloA Tribute to Janet. The
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Making Fun of Wagner
In 1879, the French composer Emmanuel Chabrier requested leave from his job at the French Ministry of the Interior so that he could travel to Munich, which was the only place in the world to hear Wagner’s opera Tristan und
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History of Muzak: Where Did All The Elevator Music Go?
Of Muzak, Professor Gary Gumpert of Queens College, in a 1990 interview for Britain’s Channel 4, said: “[it’s] a kind of amniotic fluid that surrounds us; and it never startles us, it is never too loud, it is never too
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Cultus interruptus: An unusual Rigoletto at Royal Opera House
For many reasons this was an odd night at the Royal Opera House. For one, this was the sickest audience I’ve ever encountered. The coughing in the auditorium was so intense, it took on cacophonic dimensions during the scene changes.
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