October, 2016

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The Pleasure of Making Things
In Touch with Matthew Kaner
Matthew Kaner is one of a handful of young British composers who have passed through that country’s long list of development opportunities and begun to forge a distinctive musical voice. Like many composers of his generation you can hear idiomatic
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Minors of the Majors
Anton Bruckner: Abendzauber (Evening magic)
“Minors of the Majors” invites you to discover compositions by the great classical composers that for one reason or another have not reached the musical mainstream. Please enjoy, and keep listening!
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It’s Wedding Season Again – Some Exposure
A ‘destination’ wedding sounds like a terrific idea for romance and adventure but it can cause snafus for musicians. My friend Diane’s string quartet was booked to play at the historic lodge Stouts on an island in Wisconsin—a gorgeous location.
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An Artist at the Opera: Marc Chagall
When we think of Marc Chagall and opera, we think first of the wonderful murals he created for the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the Paris Opera. Born in Russia in 1887, Chagall was largely self-taught due to the
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The Lesbian Diva and Swordswoman!
Julie d’Aubigny aka Mademoiselle Maupin
When Julie d’Aubigny, born around 1673, first started her singing career at the Marseille Opéra, she quickly fell in love with a young woman. As you might well imagine, the girl’s family was not particularly amused and shipped their daughter
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GREGSON, Peter: Touch
Time From GREGSON, Peter: Touch (2015) Released by Dorian Sono Luminus Gregson: Time“TOUCH follows on from my previous album, Lights in the Sky. It comprises eight tracks for analogue synthesiser, cello, piano, and string orchestra. Where Lights in the Sky
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Composers and Their Poets: Schubert III
We mentioned the collection Schwanengesang in our last Schubert article. The collection was put together posthumously by Schubert’s publisher without regard to Schubert’s usual practice or Schubert’s probable wishes. Schubert never mixed his poets and also had a firm regard
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How you can get into classical music: a beginner’s guide
So, you want to explore classical music? The first question must be: where to start? The most obvious fact about classical music is that it’s absolutely huge. It stretches back at least 500 years, and over the past century has
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