September, 2015

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Connecting the world’s musicians
In Touch with Encore founder James McAulay
The classical music world today is rife with startups – everywhere you look, there are exciting new orchestras, opera companies, choirs, and all manner of small ensembles. Yet while there are many people working at rethinking the way we experience
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LA Musicians Offer Free Music Lessons with New App
The Band Blast app offers lessons in rhythm, pitch and how to read music
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Esa-Pekka Salonen: Mania for Solo Cello and Ensemble
In 1997, conductor Claudio Abbado had a somewhat novel idea. He was looking to establish an independent and free international orchestra that plays at the highest artistic level. Instead of relying on a dedicated government funding structure, Abbado envisioned an
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HolstThe Planets Performed by Adrian Boult, conductor Orchestre Symphonique de Boston Recorded in 1946 Holst: The Planets – Mars, the bringer of War
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A New Idea at the Piano
Chopin took up the medieval idea of the ballad, combined it with the idea of the Italian dance called the ballata, and mixed in a bit of standard sonata form and created the Ballade. These one-movement pieces call for an
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Philip Glass: Composer and Taxi Driver
In order to pay rent, composers frequently take up secondary jobs. Borodin was a licensed chemist, Ives worked in the insurance industry, and the pioneer of minimalist music Philip Glass supported himself by working as a plumber, furniture mover and
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Chinese Musical Instruments: Bamboo
Musical instruments in China were traditionally classified into 8 groups delineated by the material used in the instrument: Silk, Bamboo, Wood, Stone, Metal, Clay, Gourd and Hide. We will look at selected instruments in six of these groups in this
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The Great Women Artists Who Shaped Music XII – Marguerite Long
Composer Gabriel Fauré, once called Marguerite Long, “a shameless woman who uses my name to get on.” Nonetheless she became the foremost woman pianist of France during the first half of the twentieth century, performing and teaching at the Paris
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