May, 2014

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Lufthansa Festival
In May, a corner of London just south-east of Victoria Station will spend a week ringing to the sound of some of the world’s finest baroque musicians. The Lufthansa Festival celebrates its 30th birthday this year, and there are other
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Tours of Duty – Musically Speaking
Orchestra “Tours of Duty” to venues across the globe results in memorable concerts and quirky tales. I remember a Florida tour in February — who wouldn’t be pleased about that? First we performed in Carnegie Hall, in New York. After
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The Supernatural in Music
VIII. The Voice of Fear: Touched by the King of the Elves
In the Romantic era, as we’ve seen with in earlier articles (VI. Possessed by the Demon & VII. The Wolf’s Glen), there was a fascination with other worldly things – demons and sprites, ghosts and devils. Since this was part
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In touch with Dennis O’Neill
One of the world’s most well-loved and experienced singers, Welsh tenor Dennis O’Neill has been performing to audiences across the world for over 30 years. A celebrated exponent of Italian opera, especially Verdi, he is closely associated with many opera
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Music Therapy II
Following my introduction to music therapy, I wanted a bit more detail, about what goes on in a typical session. I also wanted to figure out how people found their way to a music therapist – not literally, of course,
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Opera proven to extend life of mice
A dose of La Traviata turns out to double the life expectancy of heart transplant mice.
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Hearing a New Sound
Often, it’s an unending bad succession of indifferent performances that will make you move music from ‘love to listen to’ over to the ‘never again’ list. Or, it’s the overuse of a work that makes you not want to listen
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Emmanuelle Haïm
French harpsichordist and conductor Emmanuelle Haïm is one of today’s most celebrated interpreters of Baroque music. After a decade performing as a harpsichordist with William Christie and Les Arts Florissants, she began her career as a conductor with the ensemble
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