November, 2011

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The Sound of Silence
‘Dead air’ to a radio presenter is like the name of ‘Lord Voldemort’ to ‘Harry Potter’… must not be named, nor heard. This moment of speechlessness creates an anxiety between the presenter and the listener as if the earth has
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Gilad Hochman: Musical Chairs
A piece written by our “Composer of the Month” Gilad Hochman.
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NHS urged to pay for music therapy to cure depression
Making music using African percussion instruments has been proven to help people recover from depression by enabling them to express repressed emotions and communicate painful experiences.
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“A Match made in Heaven”
Faustina Bordoni and Johann Adolph Hasse
After merely two years in London, Faustina Bordoni departed for Venice. Exhausted from her petty quarrels with Francesca Cuzzoni, and tired of a feuding and bickering general public and musical establishment — which of course included Handel’s futile attempts at
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Gilad Hochman
Born in 1982, Israeli composer Gilad Hochman was already defined as “one of Israel’s most prominent composers” by the Deutschland Magazine and as “a rising star in the classical music world” by France 24. His search after expression and originality
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The Horvath Cellists
I was born into a musical family. My father was a cellist whose career spanned several years with the Budapest Symphony and thirty – eight years with the Toronto Symphony. My mother was an inspired piano teacher. Music permeated our
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About Janet
Music may achieve the highest of all missions: she may be a bond between nations, races and states, who are strangers to one another in may wanys; she may unite what is disunited and bring peace to what is hostile.
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Georges Enesco: Sonatas op.26 for cello and piano
Sonata in C major opus 26 no.2 Andantino cantabile, senza lentezza Alexandre Dmitriev, cello Alexandre paley, piano From Georges Enesco: Sonatas op.26 for cello and piano (2011) Released by Saphir Productions Enesco: Sonata in C major opus 26 no.2 –
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