12 strategies for teaching adolescents

Bob Gillespie teaching one of his students: Celerebrating success is key to developing a positive relationship with teenage students, he says

Violinist and Ohio State University professor of music education Bob Gillespie shares his step-by-step guide for success

Understanding adolescents and knowing how to motivate them effectively can be a mystery. At last week’s lesson they were focused, eager to learn and even inspiriting to be with! This week they are moody, distracted and daydreamy. You try to teach them, but at times they frown, sigh and roll their eyes. One week they practise well for their lesson – the next week they do not. You are feverishly trying to prepare them for a performance in six weeks’ time, but they are not that concerned about the performance because it is six weeks away! What is going on? How can we effectively motivate them to be consistent in their focus, practice and desire to play better? Fortunately, scientists have found strategies that can help us. Full story.

Bob Gillespie (The Strad) / December 23, 2019

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